Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rethinking Blog Topics...

I started my first blog in April of this year and only did 3 posts. I was new to sewing at the time (and still am) and thought I wanted a blog about sewing. Specifically about being green and reusing/repurposing items that were readily available.
It ends up that I am not sewing enough recycled items to have that be the focus of an entire blog. Much of what I am sewing is made from new and not repurposed materials. I also used my Juliesewgreen platform to follow about 100 other blogs which I read daily. I have found a multitude of interesting people/sites to follow and realize that my interests are much broader than what I had originally intended. I love sites about couponing, sewing, crafts, recycling, cooking and many other topics. These interests have made me decide to abandon the Juliesewgreen blog and to rework my many interests into this new blog that I am creating, I would like to make the disclaimer right in the beginning that I DO NOT CLAIM to be a domestic guru in any way shape or form. I struggle like many other modern parents to balance work, family, and finances with running a household that we try to keep clean while making as many balanced meals as we can each week. I simply want this to be a platform for ideas, tips and tricks that will hopefully help simplify our modern lifestyles. I predict that I will have people tell me that I am NOT doing eveything correctly and I can appreciate that type of input. I really just want to share ideas.
I will carry over one post from my old blog about making a tote bag from upcycled coffee bags. It was a cute idea and I will then move forward from there. Wish me luck!

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