Friday, August 20, 2010

Under $7 at Rite Aid!

This was an unbelievable deal! Milk $3.20, can't get it any lower in PA. We have a state minimum on milk to support the dairy farmers which I think is a good idea. What would we do without them? Hair color on sale 2/$17, crest $2.99, Pert bogo $3.99, cereal bogo $4.99.

Discounts $5 rite aid coupon on 2 loreal, 2 $3 manuf. coupons on loreal, $1.50 manuf when you buy 2 Post cereals and a gallon of milk, 2 $1 manuf. pert coupons, $1 crest manuf. coupons, $5 off a $25 non-prescription purchase at rite aid coupon, $5 in wellness coupons from previous purchases and I earned $3 more for my next purchase so it was like I really only used $2.

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