Sunday, January 6, 2013

HMMMM - What am I doing?

Ok - so I guess I really don't know what I am doing with blogger.  I started this blog a couple of years ago and only  used it to follow other blogs not really to post.  When I started posting a couple of weeks ago all the old comments were there in my editing page so I deleted them.  As I was reading current posts I would reply to people and delete comments.  I didn't realize I was deleting them from my posts.  GRRRRRRRRR.
Now the really frustrating part - I was able to upload pictures from my computer last week and now I can't.  I tried disabling add-ons, deleting cookies and browsing history, switching from internet explorer to mozilla firefox and nothing seems to be working.  Anyone know what I am doing wrong?  I have more posts I want to write with pictures I have taken.


  1. Lots of folks are having the blogger picture problem. You can upload them in the html setting I have read. Good luck.

  2. I've seen where lots of folks had that problem, so probably on the blogger end. Just in case, if you aren't watching the size of the pictures you are uploading, you will reach your limit at which time they will tell you to buy more space. I found a way to take care of that problem so I don't have to buy more space. I've got the tutorial on my site. enJOYing your blog.