Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Goals

Let's see how I am doing with the month ending in a few days.

So here it goes - January goals:
1. Lose 10 lbs. Reassess at the end of the month and set a new goal for February. lost 6 so far so it looks like I am going to fall short on this one.
2. Make a menu plan each week.
3. Complete my January block of the month for the Don't Call Me Betsy activity.
4. Complete to do list for Carla's January Finance and Decluttering Challenge.
For the decluttering challenge:
A. Clean and organize the sewing room and walk- in closet in that room. It looks like a fabric explosion from my Christmas sewing.
B. Clean out the walk-in closet and dressers in the master bedroom and donate the unwanted items.
C. Go through the kids old clothes and set aside for a spring yard sale.
For the low spend challenge:
A. 10 no spend days.

B. Set up automated savings to online account to fund a Roth IRA in the new year. My husband was putting 15% in his 401k but his company only matches the first 7% so we dropped in back to 7% for the new year. We will put the other 8% in automated savings, but this will get difficult because his pay fluctuates due to sporadic overtime. I guess I will set an automatic amount based on regular pay. Then I will have to be dedicated enough now to go online and transfer 8% of any overtime as he gets it. This worries me as I do not want to fail and end up saving less. This will crush us on our income taxes now, but the win is that we will be able to withdraw it tax free in retirement.
C. Sock $400 away in our vacation account.
D. Increase our automated college savings by $50 per month for each child. My kids are in 9th and 10th grade and the fear of tuition payments is starting to wash over me. We have saved a good bit but it is no where near enough. I just don't want them to be crippled by student loan debt when they graduate.
I kept putting off doing this and actually only did it now so I could cross it off the list for Carla's challenge.  So thank you Carla.  It's easy to always think "Oh I'll do it next month!"
5. Participate in the good cheap eats pantry challenge.
6. Make a noodlehead gathered clutch. I have had the pattern for months and it is just sitting in my sewing room. I love her patterns!
7. Order the pattern and make a sidekick tote - also from noodlehead. It has a recessed zipper and that is something I really want to learn!

It looks like I am going to fall short on what I wanted to get done.  That being said, I still accomplished more than I would have had I not signed up for this challenge.  I will still try to cross another thing or 2 off the list before the month ends later this week.

Since I haven't updated I did give silently to someone in need for last week's challenge, but I did not clean out a closet.
For this week I cut down to $65 in groceries and my pantry is in order.  It is in order from trying to eat our way through it for the good cheap eats pantry challenge.  The extra freezer is looking pretty sparse too.  That means I will start February off with some freezer cooking!


  1. Nice job on your goals!! I wish I could lose 6 lbs in one month. You should be proud of yourself!

  2. good for you! 6 lbs and $65 in groceries...that is great!!!
    the college saving stuff is always the challenge...but somehow something somewhere works out...
    good luck!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.