Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Low Spend and Decluttering Challenge

Ok - so I had no spend days Jan 1, 2, 3 last week and Jan 7th this week.  I have already hit 4 of my 10 for the month.  Maybe I can do even more than 10.  The hardest thing I went without last week was miracle whip.  We had bacon, lettuce, tomato and roast turkey sandwiches last week and when we went to eat there was no miracle whip!  Instead of going to the store, we used ranch dressing.  I bought no groceries last week and I am at about $70 for this week.  That includes $12 worth of Sunday papers for coupons, $12 worth of cat litter and $12 worth of cat food.  That means I have only spent around $34 in real food, but am counting the whole 70 in my 100 limit.  We really are eating down the pantry and freezer or we would not be able to do this at all!
I took care of reworking retirement deductions from my husband's pay so we could finally setup a Roth Ira (USA).  We should have done this years ago as personal taxes are only going to go up in this country over the years.  I also cleaned my sewing room (not the closet - that is this week).  I will snap a picture tonight as I forgot my camera in school.  (now updated with photos)  Thank you Carla for this challenge!  You can see my original goals here, here and a pantry challenge here.
The tv in the photo below is for our spring yard sale.  It is not hooked up, just taking up space until someone else adopts it!
I am happy with the status of this space.  It's not perfect, but I sew often and want everything easily accessible!


  1. Good for you! Food cost is one of our largest expenses. I try to lower it with coupons and buying things on sale. Thanks for dropping by and I am now a follower.
    xx, Sherry

    1. Thank you. I also follow your blog. I love it!

  2. The food budget is soo hard to keep down! :( Especially with the rising food costs... I spent $90 today and that was for NO meat at all.. I was shocked! Ugh!! Anyways... your sewing area looks awesome! Wanna come and do mine now?? ; ) lol!!