Saturday, January 12, 2013

To Do Needs to Be "To Done"


I set some goals for January instead of New Year's Resolutions.  I stink at resolutions because a year is too long of a time frame and I like instant gratification.  For example, it could take forever (in my mind) to crochet an afghan, but I can crank out a simple quilt in 8-12 hours.  That is why I prefer sewing over most other types of crafts.

Anywho - I need to meet these smaller, more manageable goals that I set for the month instead of a year.  Tomorrow I am going to work on:
1.  Finishing my paper pieced practice block and January block for the Don't Call Me Betsy Block of the month club that  joined.  This is my first go at paper piecing and the math geek in me is loving the process. 
2.  Make a gathered clutch from the pattern that I ordered from noodlehead and have had for months.  Her patterns rock!
3.  Start a sidekick tote - also from noodlehead.  I doubt I will have time to actually make the tote tomorrow, but I at least want to get everything cut out and ready.  This is not quite my normal style (like what I do can actually be referred to as style), but it is cute and I really want to make it to learn how to do a recessed zipper. 
Knocking out these things over the next day or two will help me stay on track with my list for the month.

On a side note - I also set out to lose 10 pounds this month and that might actually happen.  If not, I should come close.  I need to clean out my junk drawers (yes, I have 2).  Thanks for the extra homework Carla.  AND the eat from the pantry challenge is going well.  Thought it might be a drag, but it is actually turning out to be a fun little game.  My freezer should be pretty much empty by the end of the month and then I can do a nice freezer cooking session or two to start getting it restocked with new, fresh food.

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  1. You have some lovely sewing projects ahead of you. I like the designs very much. Time is the missing link!