Saturday, March 2, 2013

I walked out of Walmart and left a full cart of groceries by the register!

So I really dislike Walmart.  I used to shop there all the time.  I live in a quite rural location.  We have 2 small groceries stores and a couple of dollar stores.  My family and I used to make a trip to the nearest walmart (about 40) minutes several times a month.  It was like a family outing.  Fill your cart with groceries and a bunch of other stuff you don't need, go out for dinner or lunch and go back home.

There were so many things wrong with this picture that I don't know where to begin.
1.  Gas for the trip
2.  Excessive shopping and spending because you don't know when you will be back.
3.  Eating out.
4.  Supporting a business that drove all the little guys out of business.
5.  Indirectly teaching our kids that shopping is a recreational activity.

In the past several years I have learned a few things.
1.  Almost everything as far as groceries and household supplies are cheaper elsewhere.  Pick up things when they are on sale and use a combination of manufacturer and store coupons.  Get enough to last until the next sale.  Walmart has never given me free toothbrushes, toothpastes, pastas, etc. but I can do this at other stores with a combination of coupons.
2.  I can buy things like printer ink, books, movies, etc. cheaper online even when accounting for possible shipping costs. 
3.  Walmart has made my shopping more difficult, so why should I reward them with my hard earned money?  For example, I love to sew.  Each of the small towns about 40 minutes away from me used to have a Joann fabrics.  Walmart came in and pushed them out of business with a craft section.  They then proceeded to  eliminate the fabrics (and almost all of the crafts) in the stores near me.  Now I have 2 choices an hour and 10  minutes away to go to a Joann's.

This week I was in Walmart in Warren, PA and they made me so mad that I left my full cart by the register and walked out the door.  This store is notorious for making you wait an excessive amount of time in line.  It was 8:55 am and they had express and one other lane open.  I took my cart to the only line I could and was the 4th full cart in line.  A girl was putting stuff in a bag for the cashier and I went and asked her if they were going to open another line and she said "No we just have this one open right now."  So I said, "I am leaving my full cart and shopping elsewhere, you might want to put the stuff away soon because I have lunch meat in there."  She just let me walk out the door.  She couldn't have cared less.  What supercenter in the world refuses to open a second non-express line at 9 in the morning?  It's not like I was shopping at 5 am.
This might sound horrible to you, but it happens every time I am in this store.  I figured they could pay someone to wait on me or pay someone to put my groceries back on the shelf.  


  1. I'm right there with you about Walmart. Thank-you for leaving the cart and walking out. I feel like they think we are at their mercy. Not like the old days and they did what they could to get our business. I've been in Walmart about 10 times over the past year to see if they had the one thing I needed and they didn't. Each time I walked out empty handed. There are about 3 things they carry that other groceries don't carry and I pick them up and nothing else. I do still use the tire dept because we travel and if I have a problem they can take care under the warranty anywhere I'm at in the US. So far that dept has treated me right. Also, as a retiree, I'm not interested in doing my walk for the day in a Super Store to get a simple item. When ARE people going to realize they aren't the cheapest....esp after you add the gas price to get there. Support small's hoping fabric stores go back in to business. thank-you girl for posting this article.

  2. I feel your pain. I too live in a small town with not many shopping choices. Sometimes I feel like Walmart is a necessary evil, because when I go to the grocery stores their prices are always so much higher than Walmart. Ugh :(

  3. In my town, we have Walmart and two small grocery stores. The two grocery stores are really expensive. Sometimes you can get a good deal on an outdated product but overall they can't be counted on to have reasonable prices. That said, our Walmart is very good about having enough lanes open. The longest I've ever waited to check out is less than ten minutes and that is on a bust Saturday that happened to be the first of the month and all lanes were opened.