Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goals So Far This Week!

Goals for week -
An update part way through the week!

1.  Have 2 no spend days.  I need to get back in this groove. Tuesday and today - I am not going back out of the house!
2.  Lose 2 lbs. - haven't checked yet3.  Gather materials due to my boss by Friday for an very important meeting next Monday.  I would like to be done with this by Wednesday at the latest.  Turned in on Tuesday!
4.  Finish one zipper pouch for a Christmas gift.  I can't seem to get my sewing groove back, so this is a very small goal.  Not yet.
5.  Spend $40 at most at the grocery store and drug stores.  We have so much stuff and I don't need to buy anything except maybe fruit, milk and anything that is free or almost free with a coupon (that we will actually use).  I wouldn't even set this at $40, but my husband is on a diet and might need some things.  So far - milk about $10 (2 1/2 gal), pantene (8 for $6.36 (on sale at RA inc. tax)), soda (RA $11.64 inc. tax), Iams cat food for dietary restrictions) about $7 with coupon.  Total so far $35.94.  I am going to have to stay out of the store for the next 2 days or I will be over.
6.  Get my coupons organized for next week when I will be shopping more.  Cut out, but not filed yet.
I want to get back to making lists because it helps me accomplish my goals!

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  1. Lists certainly help me stay accountable!! I know that I do much better when I tell other people my list. I can't figure out why I can't get things done but there really aren't enough hours in the day. Good luck with the no spend! I know that it is a tough challenge. I found that I do best when I don't go to Target :)