Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't Shop on Thanksgiving!

I am REALLY bothered by the fact that stores are starting to open Thanksgiving evening.  This is meant to be a family holiday.  I love a great deal just as much as the next person but it is absolutely ridiculous!
When I was in college I worked at a grocery store and they were open until 4.  It wasn't bead because my family would have dinner around 5 so I could be there.  BUT now other stores are opening around 6.  What about a family where one kid has to work in a grocery store until 4 or 5 and another family member has to be at work at 6 at a retail store.  How are they supposed to enjoy the day as a family?
I pledge not to shop because it is crazy!  I never really shopped on Black Friday because I couldn't stand the crowds, so what will make me do it on Thursday after a great turkey dinner?  I really hope that the stores are making it voluntary and with a great pay incentive so only people that really want to work have to, but I highly doubt that is that case!  Who is with me?  Let's make a statement!

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