Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday's List

I do much better when I have a list.  I did finish yesterday's to do list.

1.  All laundry washed and put away.  I am about 3 loads from seeing this happen.
2.  Make ham and scalloped potatoes.  I have a 50 lb. bag I am trying to work my way through before they go bad.  It is in the oven right now.
3.  Go to Rite Aid and the grocery store for some good deals.
4.  Clean off desk.  I have been putting this off but it really needs done.
5.  Make a menu plan for the rest of the week.
6.  Cut and file away Sunday coupons.

That is it.  I may do more, but I want to make the list manageable.

1 comment:

  1. Lists are amazing!!! I have so many things on my list that aren't getting done because I have company but I need to get back to my list but I think that I might have to give up sleeping to get it done.