Sunday, December 29, 2013

January Menu Plan

The Menu Plan for January - in no particular order!  I am just listing the main items for most days unless it is a certain veggie that goes with a certain entrée.  We are a little OCD that way.  For example, we must have corn with scalloped potatoes!  We will have fruit or veggies with every dinner.  I have a freezer full of veggies, some fresh fruit and some canned fruit.  I will also pick up ingredients for fresh side salads a couple of times per month in addition to the nights that we have salad as the main entrée.
1.  Chicken Alfredo Pizza with homemade crust.
2.  Ham and Scalloped potatoes - green giant steamers
3.  Spaghetti with meat sauce - side salad
4.  Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and a mixture of peas and corn
5.  Club sandwiches - bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and leftover turkey
6.  Turkey pot pie - x2
7.  Turkey soup
8.  Turkey gravy on toast - simple, but one of my favorite meals
9.  Lasagna x3 - 1 for dinner and 2 for the freezer.  Lasagna is a family favorite, but it is a pain to make, so I always make 3.  It doesn't take much more effort to make 3 over making 1.
10.  Tacos
11.  Hamburg gravy, mashed potatoes and corn.  I think this is a regional thing in our part of the country.
12.  Pepperoni pizza with homemade crust
13.  Ham and cheese omelets with toast - my kids love this dinner!
14.  Chicken wings and salad
15.  Chicken penne pasta alfredo bake x2 (1 for the freezer) with a side of baked broccoli.  My youngest would never eat broccoli until I started roasting it.  It is delicious.
16.  Haddock - lemon pepper broiled for us and fried for the boys, butter parsley potatoes and a veggie.
17.  Grilled chicken salads - another favorite for my kids.  I love that they love salad.
18.  Wedding soup - a great way to get spinach and several other veggies into the kids!
19.  Ham and Bean soup
20.  Tuna noodle casserole - an all in one dish with peas and carrots.  Son #2 hates this so he will eat leftovers or fend for himself.
21.  Potato Soup
22.  Cheesy ham and corn chowder
23.  Taco salads
24.  Chicken nuggets with mac and cheese - pretty much just for the kids on a night we need an easy meal.  Hubby and I will likely eat leftovers instead.
25.  Fried potatoes and kielbasa
I am only planning for 25 days instead of 31.  That will leave some days for leftovers and days that we will not be at home.  For example, I know that 1 of the days we will be away celebrating my nephews birthday with him and that will likely involve eating out. 
We will not eat the meals in this order.  I made the plan based on what we already have at home to help limit grocery shopping.  We will need fresh produce, ricotta, hamburg, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, bread, lunch meat, chicken broth, fresh chicken breasts for salad (I have frozen cooked chicken for the other chicken dishes) and I am sure a few other things. 
When I sit and make a menu plan like this I realize how much stuff we actually have in the house.  This will hardly make a dent in most categories of our food inventory. 
*Today I cooked 17 lbs. of boneless chicken breast, cut into bite sized pieces in onion and olive oil.  I used some for chicken and rice today and froze the rest in family meal sized baggies.  I also did 8 lbs. of ground beef and browned it with onions and froze in meal sized baggies.  I won't use all of this in the January meal plan, so I will have some left going into February.  I also made up 5 dinner size baggies of ham right after Christmas.  I will buy fresh hamburger when I do lasagna.  I will not thaw out what I have to refreeze it in the lasagna.  It would probably be ok, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

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  1. I great reminder that I haven't even picked up my calendar to do my meal plan for next month. I guess I know what I am going to do tonight :)