Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu Plan 12-8-13

I am an avid coupon shopper and I currently have well stocked cupboards that we need to make sure we use.  I don't do the extreme couponing like you see on TLC but I will buy between 2 and 8 of something that is a rock bottom price.  I will also buy as many items as I have matching coupons for if it makes the item free.  I have only done this excessively (over 8 of something) with frozen veggies.  They are completely free only once or twice a year, so I fill 1 or 2 shelves in my upright freezer when that happens.
Ok - on to the menu plan using a lot of what we already have.

Sunday - cheesy hash brown bake with bacon, broccoli, corn muffins
Monday - baked Italian pasta with ground beef and topped with mozzarella, garlic bread and frozen green beans
Tuesday - chicken tortellini soup, leftover corn muffins
Wednesday - planned leftovers - Italian pasta and or chicken tortellini soup
Thursday - hamburger helper (blech- I won't eat it) and frozen mixed veggies
Friday - baked lemon pepper haddock, green giant steamed veggies that include little red potato wedges
Saturday - who knows if we will be home or out Christmas shopping

Sunday's dinner was ok, but I won't be making it again.
KID #2 did not like the corn muffin experience and does not like them.
Kid #2 can make a sandwich on Tuesday to go with his soup if he would like.
I hate hamburger helper, but my family likes it.  It was free with coupons and will make a quick supper on a night that we are really busy.  I don't like overly processed foods, but I guess in moderation it might be considered ok.
When I was making the pasta bake, I also made the soup.  That means no cooking for the next 2 nights!
BEST OF ALL - I DON'T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING FOR THIS MENU!  I will shop for a few items that are almost free to add to the pantry and milk or fresh bread if run out and that is it!


  1. I love it when I don't need to buy any foods in a week. Wish it happened more often. lol

  2. Free is always nice :) I've been making or own hamburger helper because this way I know what's in it. And it's cheaper than full price (not when it's free though :)