Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend to do list so far... UPDATE: ALL DONE!

1.  Finish delivering what fruit we can from my son's  high school fundraiser.  2 people weren't home last night and one lady wants it delivered to work on Monday. - done except for Monday's delivery
2.  Finish a mountain of paperwork on a few of my students that is due on Monday. done and emailed in
3.  Shop today for loss leaders.
4.  Make a grocery/Rite Aid list for next week.  We don't need a lot, but we still need some things for Christmas breakfast.  I planned on driving to Jamestown, NY today to do some Christmas shopping and hit Sam's club while there.  There is a huge snowstorm looming, so that is not going to happen.  I more than likely won't make it there before the holidays now, so I need to get those breakfast items in my regular shopping.  Ah, the beauty of rural living in the Appalachian Mountain chain.  You have to drive at least 35 minutes to get to anything other than a grocery store, drug store, or dollar store.  Well that is a lie. I guess we do have a fabric store.  Go figure. Done - Nothing much that I want this week.
5.  Finalize plans for opening my Roth Ira sometime in the next week.  I have the $5500 ready to transfer to this new account.  I think I am going to set it up to draft $100 a week from my checking, so I never have to scrape together a large amount like this again.  I am not sure.  We shall see.  Done - going with Vanguard - will open on Thursday.  Disclaimer -I am not a financial advisor!  Please consult with an financial profession before picking investments!
6.  Count and roll change, from the jar for our Disney trip next summer.  I will deposit this to my local checking and transfer it to our remote Capital One 360 account to sit until we go.  I don't like much money laying around, so we count and transfer a couple of time per year.  Out of site, out of mind!  Rolled, deposited and transferred to Capital One 360.  It was $166.
7.  Cook something yummy since it is yucky outside.  Skipped - my mom had us for dinner yesterday which also took care of #11.  The kids are at my in-laws today.
8.  Make a list of what we have  and what we still need to pick up for Christmas gifts.
9.  File coupons.
10.  Try to sew one of those kitchen towels with a pot holder and button at the top to hang off the stove.  Should be easy, I just need to look for a how to video on youtube.  Done - I will post a pic sometime today.
11.  Go and visit my mom.
12.  Go to the Lucia Festival at my church with my mom on Sunday afternoon.  This is an old Swedish tradition.
13.  Make a menu plan for next week that again works from mostly what we have on hand.  The freezer and cupboards are bursting with items I have gotten on sale.  I don't do it to the point that I have stashs in my garage and basement, but my kitchen is packed!
14.  Lesson plans for next week.  Done and emailed in.
15.  Goal list for 2014.  This is going to be more a list of saving/spending objectives based on need and priority than a list of New Year's resolutions.

Not on the original list, but I made a jumbo receiving blanket yesterday.  Will post a pic of that later today too.  I should be able to knock the rest of this out sometime today.  The hard stuff is mostly already done!

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