Tuesday, January 7, 2014

End of the First Week of Carla's Challenge

So the first week went pretty well.  We did not eat out at all and we stuck to our menu plan!  Friday I spent $37.50 as you can see in this post.  It was for milk and other staples, so that was good.  On Sunday I spent $67.50.  This money was all spent on necessary items except I did buy some diet pepsi which I know is not a necessity.  The rest was more milk, fresh produce, 8 pounds of chicken and sale items paired with coupons.  This isn't bad, but I don't think I am on target to spend only $250 for the month.
The bad news, we had to purchase a new toilet for $89.04 and will pay to have it installed.  We are also down to one computer so I ordered 2 small $59 tablets for the purpose of watching Netflix.  That isn't something I do, but it is something the rest of my family enjoys.  We have never owned tablets, so they may be keepers, or we may send them back.  Time will tell.  We are still on track and will be able to save some more $ this week.  We have already set aside $140 this first week.  It isn't too hard when it is so cold that I don't want to leave the house!
My goals for the month revolved around saving a total of $1500 and menu planning using a lot of what we have on hand.  I feel that I am on track with those goals.  This is a 5 pay month for us, and I only planned on being able to save $90 the first week according to when bills were due, so I am good so far.  The bulk of my savings was to come from our pay on the 10th and I am worried about that now.  We need to buy my oldest a suit this weekend for school and take my nephew out for dinner for his birthday.  It isn't going to be a cheap week!
EDIT - Most importantly, I forgot to mention, I have had 5 no spend days out of 7!  I am very happy with that.  I only spent money on Friday and Sunday.
Additional EDIT - I don't keep my groceries to $250 a month, it is just part of a challenge for this month to try and eat down some of what we have on hand.  Sorry for the confusion!


  1. My boys have tablets (well, they are mine, technically ;-)) & love to use them to watch videos. We don't have cable, so it works well for us.

  2. AWESOME!!! How do you keep your groceries down to $250 a month? Wow! You are my hero! :)!

    1. I guess I wasn't clear about that. I don't keep my groceries at $250 per month, I am just trying to keep them way down as an extra challenge this month!

    2. That's still a great price for a month! I just spent $97.00 yesterday at Trader Joes!

  3. Sounds like you're on the right track! There will always be expenses that are unaccounted for... a toilet is not exactly "optional"! ;) Hope you reach your goals this month! And Yay!! on the no spends!!