Saturday, January 11, 2014

I have hit 7/10 no spend days!

I have hit 7/10 no spend days.  Yesterday I bought $41 worth of gas and $36 in groceries.  I also bought 2 zippers and a crochet hook at the Salvation Army thrift store for a total of $2.01 and Vaseline and a bottle brush at dollar general for a total of 2 something.  Not bad.  I carry a thermos of coffee to work every day and I wan to be able to clean it really well, thus the bottle brush.  I had one, but it bit the dust.
Today will be my worst day of spending for the month, but that is ok.  It is planned and it is needed.

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  1. Did you feel like you had to get all your stuff done on one day so that you didn't have other days were spending? I just don't know if the no spend days are good for me because I am afraid that it will rush me to get more done in one day but still spend the same amount of money. How do you feel about that?