Friday, January 10, 2014

Progress on No Spend Days So Far This Month

So I am very excited about my progress so far this month, but have mixed feelings about this upcoming weekend.  I have hit 7 of my goal of 10 no spend days for the month.  I will be able to make this goal easily now, so why the mixed emotions?
This weekend is going to be VERY expensive for us.  We are going to Erie to treat my nephew to dinner for his birthday and my son needs a suit for a mock trial, so that is on the purchase list.  Sunday my husband and sons are going to see Lord of the Rings and out for dinner with some of the extended family.  I will need to fill my car up twice this weekend (I haven't had to purchase gas for my van in over a month)!  The last time I filled up it was the Monday before Christmas and it was free with grocery points.  Also, the van went in for an oil change yesterday and I need 2 front tires to the tune of $257.  We just put 4 new tires on my husband's escape.  OOPS - I just edited the amount - thanks Sluggy!  It was a typo.  The tires are $257 NOT $2507!
Such is life.  All of this is normal, but it seems to really offset the progress I have made with the no spend days.  We also need some groceries.  This weekend is going to be $500 to $700 even without the tires yet.  This is why we budget.  That way we can afford things as they come along and still save some $.  I have serious doubts about hitting my $1500 extra savings goal for the month, but even coming close is way better than the days where we didn't budget and save.  Extra savings goal means that it is on top of what we have automatically redirected for retirement, a new car and the boys college funds.  Right now we are trying to save for a new roof in the spring, some of which I am guessing will end up coming out of the car fund.  This is going to be a very expensive year!
Don't get me wrong.  I am not complaining.  My life is good, our income is strong and I am happy.  I am just trying to set lofty goals and journal my progress.  Becoming debt free was awesome.  Trying to stay debt free is an interesting process!  Who was it that said "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will still land among the stars?"


  1. Please tell me that $2500 for 2 tires included a front end alignment or something too....that's awfully steep for just 2 tires.
    And be prepared for sticker shock at the pump if you haven't bought gas since Christmas....taxes on gas in PA went up about 15 cents a gallon on New Year's day. 8-((

    Staying debt-free once you get there can be a challenge but once you taste debt freedom it's so HARD to go back! ;-)

  2. I always tell my mother in law that you have to keep the budgets separate because you can't not get groceries because you needed new tires (something she would do) but it is so hard to see all the money pouring out the door at the same time. I wish you the best in your quest to stay debt free. Sometimes there are months that do go down but you make them up the next month so good luck!! As long as you are concentrating on it, I am sure that it will all come out good in the end.

  3. I need to have a no spending money after what I spent in January! You have inspired me!