Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Painful Filing of Taxes and Other To Do List Items - UPDATE - ALL DONE!

The To Do list for today looks short but the few things I have to do are painful and take a great deal of time.

1.  Write lesson plans, and prepare items for the the school week.  I did end up getting these done and submitting via email this morning.  
We have a deadline of 8 am on Mondays, but this is one thing that I can't put off until the least minute.  The state of PA changed our formula sheet that the kids get for the math test with only a month to go before the tests.  It also seems as though it will contain a great deal of new content as we move toward the common core.  We were originally told that the test would be almost all of the former content as we are not to be fully transitioned to common core until next year.  It looks as though they are not holding up their end of the deal.  Imagine training your whole life for down hill skiing and making it to the Olympics for skiing...  BUT 3 weeks before the Olympics you are told you will be a figure skater and not a skier.  The whole thing is so frustrating!
2.  File our state and federal taxes via turbo tax.  I did finish this up about a half hour ago.  I need to look into what I need to do to file the local.  I can't remember what I did last year.  Last year was the first year I didn't use H & R Block.  They do a great job but $68 for turbo tax beats the heck out of $200+ for H & R Block.
3.  Cook dinner.  I did this between the lesson plans and taxes.  It was hamburger helper so it's nothing to write home about.  Quick and easy was the order of the day.
4.  Sew at least 3 items for Earth day in school.  The kids collect capri sun pouches and we make wallets, bags, pencil holders, etc.  We need about 80 items so it takes some time, but this is something that I really enjoy doing for the kids.
5.  Sew a wristlet.
6.  Cut open and wash another round of capri sun pouches.  This is my least favorite part of number 4 above.

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  1. Long to do list! I need to get my tax stuff together. I just asked my husband why all of the tough jobs go to me and he doesn't step up to do them. He said that he thought that I liked doing them! Men!!! It sounds really time consuming to cut open the juice packets and clean them all but nice that the finished product is going to be so useful. Good luck!!!