Monday, March 3, 2014


I would just love to give a shout out to all the great bloggers out there!  I think we are always learning and moving forward, but I want you to know how much you inspire me.
I am usually terrible about updating my blog with how my challenges turned out, but I do 90% of what I set out to do because of all of you!  When I think back over some of what I have completed because of the kick in the pants and inspiration many of you have given me, I am amazed.  I would have gotten around to some of this eventually, but I am much more organized and with it because of all of you!

Some things that I can think of right off the top of my head....
1.  We finally created a will and assigned legal guardians in case of our untimely demise about 3 years ago.  My kids were both already in middle school at that time.  Who knows if I would have ever completed it otherwise.
2.  We purchased term life insurance to supplement work policies and policies that we had from childhood.
3.  I menu plan.
4.  I finally opened a Roth Ira last year.  We have been saving for retirement since our 20's but neither of us did it through a Roth.
5.  I got my couponing groove back.
6.  I bought a sewing machine about 4 years ago and taught myself to sew using youtube videos.  I just wanted to be able to make the cool stuff that I was seeing all over the Internet.
7.  I continue to sew mostly because of following Carla.  Her creations are GORGEOUS and really inspire me to continue creating.
8.  I save $$$$$ for the future because of MANY of you.  I was always a saver, I am just much better now.
9.  I am much more creative in my cooking because of CT Mom.  Wow can that woman stretch a food dollar while making a wide variety of yummy food for her family!
10.  I decluttered my house majorly about 3 years ago.  I had so much junk at the curb that people inquired about whether or not our house was for sale!  My house didn't even really look bad.  We have several walk in closets and we simply had useless stuff in every nook and cranny!  Some junk has crept back in, so this can be an ongoing process.
11.  I have redone my porch.
12.  I saved my mismatched kitchen table instead of buying a new one.
13.  We became COMPLETELY DEBT FREE including our mortgage.  Hopefully we can stay that way.
14.  I have donated money and things to a greater extent than I would have without being inspired by all of you.  I have always given, but I have stepped it up.

Some of my absolute favorite blogs/bloggers:
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CT Mom
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Frugal Queen
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Nova Frugal Family - fairly new to me
The Ripples Affect - a really new blog

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Domestic! : )
    Carol in CT