Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday to do list!

I have Thursday and Friday this week and Monday next week off from teaching for our  mini spring break.  Yesterday we went out of town to Kohl's and to the Beef 'N Barrel in Olean, NY for a fantastic lunch.  I went to visit my mom to try and firm up some plans for Atlantic City this summer and we also made a trip into a warehouse club for some necessities and a few frivolous purchases.
That first paragraph might leave you wondering if I am really a frugalista or not?!?!?  Some explanation - lunch was definitely a splurge, but we do eat out once or twice a month.  It is something we like to do as a family.  We always take our 2 teenage sons with us and enjoy bonding over some yummy food.  If you recall I broke up with Sam's club a while back.  We received a notice in the mail that we could have a free 60 day membership to BJ's, so that is why we headed to Olean.  Honestly I am going to have to cave and rejoin Sam's Club.  I didn't like BJ's as much and there is only one within a couple hundred miles of where I live.  It would be a waste of money.  Although I will use the free BJ's membership until it expires so I can wait on ponying up the money for Sam's Club until later in the summer.  I wish we had a Costco, but I need to get over it and not whine.  What a first world problem to have.
We went to Kohls in search of nice sandals for the boys Easter baskets.  They always get sandals, a hat and a very small amount of candy.  That's Easter at our house!  As far as Atlantic City goes, as long as you are not a gambler, you can't beat the price for an oceanfront room in the middle of summer.  For a little over $100 a night we will be able to stay in a casino right on the boardwalk.  Win, win, win!

On to the to do list:
1.  Finish up capri sun wallets, pencil pouches and bags.  I have made enough for all of my students, but I want to make a couple extra of each in case something happens, or if a couple are defective.  Always have a backup plan!  I want at least 5 extra wallets and pencil cases and 1 more bag.
2.  Make 2 pillowcases for Konkerr Cancer.  I made 6 last weekend.  I would like to make at least a dozen before I donate.
3.  Cook some comfort food - no plan yet.  I need to go to the store.  We have been eating from the freezer and it is looking a little sparse!
4.  Actually book the rooms in Atlantic city.
5.  Order some new bobbins.  I never seem to have enough to match all my different yummy colors of thread I have.
6.  Sew 2 bibs - I like to have a few on hand for gifts.