Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crayon Rolls for Church

 Our church council decided that we wanted to have some things to make visitors feel more welcome when they are with us.  I ended up in charge of an item to be able to give to the kids.  I came up with crayon rolls.  Each visiting child will be given a crayon roll and a bible coloring book to take home. 

I followed this tutorial that I found on pinterest.  I just skipped the ric-rac.

Juice Pouch Wallets for Earth Day

Our students were given a drink and a snack each day during the state tests.  We saved all of the juice pouches and recycled them into wallets for the kids for earth day.  I cut open the bottom of each pouch, washed them by hand and then sent them through the dishwasher to sanitize them.  I waited until they were completely dry and then made them into wallets.  Each takes 2 pouches and a small piece of velcro for closure purposes.  They were a hit!  It only took about 4.5 hours to make 95 of them.