Saturday, December 26, 2015

10 Open Wide Noodlehead Pouches

I made the medium size Noodlehead Open Wide Pouches for Christmas gifts to give at work.  I was pleased with how they turned out and how well they were received.  I put some candy, lip gloss and lotion so they weren't empty and so that the recipients would get the idea that they might be able to use them as makeup bags.

I am not sure about all of the fabrics but the orange florals and matching fabric are from Denise Schmidts DS Quilts line at Joanns, the green/blue, yellow black, red/black and royal blue are mostly from my local fabric store, the pink/orange fabrics are Joel Dewberry, purple squirrels are Tula Pink and I have no idea where the teal/aqua/red came from - Joann's maybe?

I am not always pleased with how my projects turn out but I am very happy with these pouches.

This is the link to Anna's free tutorial!  And you can find the instructions for all of the different sizes here!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weight Watchers and the Holidays

So I did a strange thing and joined weight watchers the last week of October.  I was feeling disgusted and fed up and didn't want to wait until January.  To say the loss has been slow would be an understatement!  I knew it would be hard during the holiday season!  My logic was if I could lose 10 or 15 lbs. that would at least get me ahead of the game over waiting until January.  I am pretty sure I am finally going to pass the 10 lb mark when I weigh in tomorrow.  Factor in the 5 or so that I might have gained over the holidays and I guess it is not to shabby.