Wednesday, August 11, 2010

$156 Porch Redo

Oh how I wish I had a before picture to show you! You will just have to trust me on this one! Everything had formally be painted white (years ago) and it was weathered, dirty and bare. We have a nice, big, covered deck out back and we just basically ignored our front porch! The $156 was for everything including the new furniture. Here's the breakdown - $32 for 2 gallons of white paint (which we had a lot left over), $16 for one gallon of red paint (which we also used in 2 other projects), $1 for the red star basket hanging on the wall, 2 for the plastic table at a yard sale, free floor covering (new, but a hand me down from my mom) and $105 for the 4 chairs at Kmart (they were on sale last week 1/2 off). Can you believe it?

The furniture was part of a dining set, but everything was on clearance at 50% off and I got just the chairs (wonder what will happen to the table, and umbrella)? The star on the wall was an old basket from goodwill for $1 and I painted with some red spray paint that I had left from another project. The cover on the table was made from an old kitchen towel and some quilting scraps from a baby gift (see previous post) at no cost.

The floor covering is a fold up beach blanket that my mom ordered from QVC and never used. Is is similar in weight and construction to patio covers that she has ordered from QVC so we thought it would make a great rug. It does not match the chairs but I still think it looks nice with the siding and white trim. I will add a few more decorations as I find what I want. To me it works. Let me know what you think!

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