Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Lunch Bag Adapted from the Pink Penguin Tutorial

I just dropped the peace symbol bag from the previous post off at my niece's and she loved it, or so she said! After making it for her I really want one too but realized I needed a much bigger bag. So I adapted the size of the bag from a great tutorial at the Pink Penguin.

The picture above shows both of our bags together. Now if you are wondering how big of an eater I really am, let me explain. I am a teacher and we don't have easy access to a fridge during the day. We are not permitted to have mini fridges in our rooms and the faculty room is on another floor and quite a distance from my classroom. Therefore, I take several drinks with me each day and attempt to keep them cold.

The last picture shows the size tupperware bottle and salad container that I take every day and I also take a few smaller bottles of water. Thus the need for a bigger bag.

Below I will list the size changes that I made for the bigger bag.
Rim 3 x 15, inner and outer handles 3 x 13, outer bag and lining 12 x 15 (I actually did one big piece 24 x 15 for the lining and outer bag so there wouldn't be a seam in the bottom of the bag), cover 9 x 15. The new interfacing sizes were handles 13 x 2 3/4 and rim 15 x 3. The paw prints go along with our school's theme and I think the pink polka dots even it out and make it a little more feminine. Both of these prints are on sale at Joann's until 8-28-10. They are from the quilter's showcase line and are only $1.99 a yard. I used some stash for the liner and cover.
These size alterations make quite a big lunch bag, but it is too small for a good sized tote. If you want a tote, I would increase the sizes even more. this bag was easy and fun for someone new to sewing like me. A great big thank you to the Pink Penguin for this great, free tutorial!
let me know what you think!

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