Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This space is in one end of my guest room. Our house is only 4 bedrooms, but they are all good sizes! These 2 pictures show the space to the left of the bedroom door and I still have a bed and dresser to the right of the door. Total cost for this update was $7! The table was from a set of three that we kept in our garage for social gatherings. The dresser stores fabric and notions and was already in this room as was the bookcase. The only update to this room was the red chair. I bought it at a boy scout sale for $7. I sanded it down and painted it with some red paint left from my porch project (previous Post). I am a former tupperware consultant, hence the various tupperware organizers around the room and the orange circular scrap bin on the floor.
I formally used my dining room table for sewing and the setup was a constant source of frustration. I didn't have storage and it was an eyesore if I didn't pick everything up right away.
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