Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sewing Every Day for a Week - or Not...

I set a goal a few days ago to sew every day for a week and I already missed a day.  I started Tuesday night and made a baby gift of 3 bibs and a jumbo receiving blanket.  It was late and dark so I put off pictures until morning.  In the morning I put the gifts in a bag and sent it with my sons to the recipient.  I never remembered to take a picture.
On Wednesday I cut out the pieces for 12 crayon rolls and sewed 4 of them together.  Maybe I am doing something wrong but it seemed to take hours to cut all the pieces and they were all rectangles.  Thursday was a little crazy because life is like a soap opera right now and I was tapped out and never made it to the sewing machine.  Friday night I finished the other 8 crayon rolls.  We will have to see what tomorrow brings.  Even though I missed a day I am going to keep plugging away.  Sewing is good therapy. 

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  1. I think that you made lots of progress (even if you did have a day off). Doesn't everyone need a day of rest?? I wish that I made that much progress on my to do list. I really need to get working this weekend and get things picked up because we have family coming into on Wednesday and not enough room to have everyone right now with all of our piles :) I will think of you when I want to sit down and take a nap instead of pushing on :)